Big Bottle Party

January 26, 2023



Thank you to our 2023 Big Bottle Party Sponsor


Get ready for a friendly competition where we judge the Biggest Bottle, Most Unique, Best Etched and Best in Show and People’s Choice!

We kindly ask all guest to submit a large format bottle (1L or larger) of wine (valued at $250 or more) available through any wine retailer such as Pogo’s Wine & Spirits, Classic Wine, or perhaps, your own private cellar.

All bottles must be registered to be displayed at the event. You may contact AHA to arrange pick-up/drop-off.  If you are not able to prior to the event, you can bring your bottle and register night of event.

Need an idea for a large format bottle?

Click here to view the Côtes du Coeur Wine Wish list. 

*Bottle donation is per couple, or individual if attending without a guest. In lieu of a large format bottle, a gift card of at least $250 to a local wine retailer can be made to the AHA to meet this requirement. All donations will be used to purchase large format bottles to be auctioned off in Big Bottle Alley the evening of the Dallas Côtes du Coeur Gala.