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The Cor Vitae Society – Latin for heart of life – is the annual philanthropic giving society of the American Heart Association.

The society celebrates individual donors making annual gifts of $5,000 or more to further the American Heart Association’s mission. Lifetime recognition begins with $500,000 in cumulative commitments.

An exceptional community of individuals, Cor Vitae Society members are united by a determination to ease the burden of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Our goal is to provide meaningful experiences to recognize and engage such distinguished and generous support. Visit the Society Experience page to learn more. To learn about upcoming engagement opportunities in North Texas, or to discuss  a meaningful gift opportunity to impact the American Heart Association’s mission, contact

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Jennifer & Mark Sanders

“Our passion is a personal one. We were directly impacted by the power of the American Heart Association’s world-leading research when Jennifer faced the hard reality of a heart transplant 28 years ago, early in our marriage. Now, through our investment in AHA and genetic testing, we are determined to conquer this obstacle, so Jennifer is the last one – not only in our family, but every family”

Jennifer and Mark Sanders

President’s Circle Members, Cor Vitae Society