2024 Executive Leadership Team

The Côtes du Coeur Executive Leadership Team (ELT) is made up of top-level business executives and community leaders. Through the coordination of focused business leaders in the Dallas community, we will be able to grow the support of Côtes du Coeur by connecting corporations and individuals as they join together to raise funds for the Nation’s number one killer – heart disease.

Rick & Trisha Allen
Co-Founder, Paragon Healthcare

2024 Côtes du Coeur Chairs 

Anne Chow & Bob Moore

Anne Chow
The Rewired CEO

 Chair Emeritus


Howard Mudrick Headshot

Howard Mudrick
Executive Director
Winstead PC

 Wine Advisory Chair

Patti & Joe Brayton

Patti & Joe Brayton
Co-Founder, Paragon Healthcare

Chris Chastain

Chris Chastain


Tami Early Headshot

Tami Early
Vice President & General Manager –
Majors & Markets at Ciena / Women at Ciena – Global Chair

Zee Hussain
Senior Vice President Global Business

John Levis
Senior Principal
Deloitte, LLP

Dan Redington
Executive Vice President, Global Sales
Ribbon Communications

Eric Schoch Headshot

Eric Schoch
Senior Vice President,
Global Retail Sales &
Field Operations
NCR Corporation



Tonya Stopke Headshot

Tonya Stopke
Vice President,
Global Service Provider
World Wide Technology